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Vamps Story[]

Warning: This is only a brief explanation about the story!!!

Chapter One

It was five past three in the afternoon, I was out on a run and I was with my group who contain Lucis (Leader), Hannah (2nd in Command), Caleb, Aria, Ezra, Wendal and there's me my name is Anastasia. We were on the way to the hosiptal for medication, we need to get more, our supply are running a little low and guess what, we had a little trouble with the Zombies. In the battle of the survival and all the action, two members had slipped and fallen over and five zombies had gotten Caleb firstly and he was gone, there was nothing that we could do anything about it. But in all the craziness we had lost Lucis the leader, he had broken his ankle in the mix and they were all over him. We still had a mission to complete to get the medication.

Chapter Two

Once we were at the hospital after the loss of both Caleb and Lucis, we were there and we went to the medicine supply and we filled all the bags up to the brim and we made our way to the mess hall. We had raided the cupboreds and cabniets for any canned goods to bring along with the way since we were going to have to stay somewhere else for the night until the sun had risen.We were going to this house that had metal all over the windows and door and we had stayed there until we were through with our make shift diner and we went to sleep, but we had to take shifts like every three hours until it was light enough to go back home. But as the sun rose, I woke up everyone and to find out that we have been robbed of out food only the food. But that was cool, because we still had the medicene right.

Chapter Three

We finally made our way back home and we have explained what had happened and we all got back healthy and in piece except for two members who we lost and now are one of them, which we call Zombies.

The end!!