M is R's best friend in the zombies' abandoned airport . An older and more experienced corpse, M had managed to retain a sense of humor, as well as the first letter of his name, which subsequently became his new name. He often hunted living people with R. 


As seen from a brief memory, M was implied to live a happy, typical life. M died at some point and became a zombie. He found his way to the abandoned airport, and encountered R, another of his kind. The two shared a close–albeit strange–relationship, and sometimes had 'almost conversations'. They hunted humans together, accompanied by other zombies.

M was present when R met Julie. When he saw Julie staying with R at the airport, he was at first angry, he believed living people were useful only as food, but after witnessing R and Julie's relationship, he began to regain his humanity. He was both amused and fascinated by his young friend's care for a human girl. He helped R to find Julie again, and fought Bonies to protect them. At the end of the movie, he is essentially on his way to being cured. He is last seen trying to open an umbrella in a park. A living woman helps him, and he tells her that she is pretty. He remembered his name eventually  ---- Marcus

Physical DescriptionEdit

M is portrayed by actor Rob Corddry in the movie. He is a middle-aged caucasian zombie with a receding hairline,  gray eyes and scarred skin. He wears a gray-blue blazer over a blue undershirt, and brown pants.



M and R

M, like R, was a highly unusual zombie because he had the ability to speak. His skills of communication were limited, but helped his relationship with R to grow. Still, M was much more violent than R, and seemed to relish much more in the kill. He was angry and confused when he found Julie in R's airplaine, but eventually came to appreciate R's new perspective. 


  • R was M's best friend. The two lived at the airport together.
  • At the end of the movie, M introduces himself as "Marcus."


  • M is based on the character Mercutio; A loyal friend of Romeo in Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet"
  • He also had the ability to drive, most noticeably  when he assisted R and Julie to escape the boneys at the airport. It is unclear where he learned it from.
  • M's ability to speak was noticeably better than R's as he was even able to yell and complete full sentences with little or no trouble while R mainly whispers and has difficulty saying sentences and often stutters.
  • M seems to have some degree of combat skill as shown when he managed to take on, and defeat several bonies in the final battle.