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Perry played by Dave Franco.

Perry Kelvin is the late boyfriend of Julie Grigio. He was killed by the zombie named R.


Perry arrived at the stadium with his father at age fifteen, and promptly fell in love with Julie. Their relationship had its moments of beauty, but their bond began to unravel as Perry gradually abandoned hope in this dying world, losing more and more of himself to pessimism and apathy until his attachments to life were finally cut.

He is killed and eaten by R the day R meets Julie, but his journey doesn't end there, he is still mentioned throughout the movie after being killed by R.


Julie Grigio

Perry's most obvious relationship is his relationship with Julie which is shown to be a strained romantic affiliation. This is scene when Julie and him have disagrees during their mission gathering supplies, and when she compares him to her father of which she loathes.

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  • Perry may be based off of the character Count Paris from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Paris wished to marry Juliet but was killed by Romeo, paralleling how Perry was killed by R.
  • Perry Kelvin shot R in the chest before being eaten.