I've heard about this movie about a year ago but didn't feel watching it. Because 'Zombie' has never been my thing. I used to feel disgusted even at the name of 'Zombie'! But... all of a sudden it changed a few weeks ago when my eyes froze at the sight of a creepy handsome guy. My instinct was telling me to take the remort in my hand and change the channel as I sensed that he might be a zombie (by his looks obviously!). But my heart was protesting and I could not resist it. It was the scene when R saved Julie's life from other zombies.

I didn't wait to search him on internet after watching the movie and came to know about the actor , Nicholas Hault, who played the role of R. I again search for him today and found out something really interesting!!! 

Here is the link of it :  Jennifer Lawrence Boyfriend: Kristen Stewart Cheating With Nicholas Hoult?

P.S. : Kristen is one of my fav actresses... so, I think, they look great together!