" Love Never Dies. " - Warm Bodies Tagline.
Warm Bodies

Theatrical Poster

Warm Bodies is a 2013 American paranormal romantic zombie comedy film based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. Directed and written by Jonathan Levine, the film stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. The film focuses on the development of the relationship between Julie, a hardened survivor, and "R", a zombie, and how their eventual romance develops throughout. The film is noted for displaying human characteristics in zombie characters and for being told from a zombie's perspective.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world where almost all of the human population have fallen victim to a disease known as the Plague, which has transformed the once humans into mindless zombies. Those unaffected have been forced to shelter themselves inside a heavily-fortified, walled-off human enclave in a northern city, the Greenzone. The People have fallen into a state of mentality, mourning for the loss of their loved ones and forced to harden themselves in order to survive by mercilessly exterminating corpses. However, in the world of the undead, one zombie is very different from all the others.

With an alive brain that is still thinking and dreaming, "R" is the only one who fought back against the Plague and managed to stay in connect with his human consciousness. One day, R, his best friend, M, and a pack of zombies venture out on a hunt for food. Meanwhile, Julie Grigio, her best friend, Nora, her boyfriend, Perry, and a select group of other teenagers are sent out by Julie's father and the leader of the humans, Colonel Grigio, to recover medical supplies from abandoned buildings. However, R and the pack locate Julie and her friends, and attack them while they were recovering the medical supplies from an abandoned laboratory.

R sees Julie and is immediately drawn to her. The hypnotized R tries to follow her, but is shot in the chest by Perry. R kills Perry while Julie is distracted and consumes his brain the only part that can make him feel human again. R sees into Perry's memories of his childhood and his first love, Julie, making R's attraction to her become even stronger.